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Collapse: the Open Source OS for the post-apocalyptic world

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

A new operating system concept has born. It is a very specific one, designed to be able to continue using technology in case of global collapse. It is called Collapse OS and, according to its developer, Virgil Dupras, it will be a key piece to continue using technological devices in a future in which the supply chain may collapse and stop producing electronics.


This Open Source OS will make it possible to reuse single pieces of hardware to make up new devices. It is based on a z80 core and a series of programs, tools and documentation that allow you to form an operating system capable of running on minimal and simple machines.

In addition, it is able to create an interface from improvised means, edit text files, compile assembler source files for a wide range of MCUs and CPUs, read and write from a wide range of storage devices and replicate itself.

The idea is that the people who use it are as autonomous as possible. It is designed to be installed without internet on any machine of her design and will be very easy to reprogram.

The project is hosted at GitHub and its creator is looking for developers interested in collaborating on the project. For more information, you can visit the Collapse OS website.



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