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Formula 1 teams attracted by Open Source benefits

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamFormula 1 teams attracted by Open Source benefits 2019-10-07 UDS Enterprise TeamFormula 1 teams attracted by Open Source benefits

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) is exploring the possibility of including Open Source car parts in the new regulations for Formula 1 that will take effect in 2021. This proposal is being studied after several teams have shown their * refusal to use standard parts* provided by a single manufacturer and which don’t allow any type of modification.


The use of Open Source parts would be much more advantageous for the teams, since they would start from a particular specification and approved by the FIA, but each team could modify them as deemed appropriate.

In addition, as in any Open Source project, the code would be public, so any team could use the improvements incorporated by another, which would favor collaboration between rival teams. With the time and effort of everyone, the best design would be imposed, which would be accessible to all teams.

Red Bull supports this idea, since they believe that “would protect the sport from errors in standard parts”. Ferrari also believes that it is the best solution, because “avoids the risks of having standard parts”, which often raise reliability problems and additional expenses to validate the designs.

For their part, from Mercedes they think "it is worth exploring this possibility", although they are somewhat more skeptical.

Source: Car and Driver



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