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The new Government of Finland promotes Open Source

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamThe new Government of Finland promotes Open Source 2019-09-11 UDS Enterprise TeamThe new Government of Finland promotes Open Source

Finland's public services will stop using proprietary software and will adopt Open Source solutions. That is the intention of the new Government, officially constituted on June 6 and whose program plans the implementation of Open Source software for IT systems of public administrations and praises the benefits of open programming interfaces and open data.


In the Government's program, they ensure that “the opening of public information becomes the guiding principle. The government promotes the priority of open source in public information systems and their acquisitions. The government imposes the obligation to demand open interfaces for the acquisition of public information systems, unless there are compelling reasons for not doing so. The government will continue to systematically open public data and develop quality criteria to facilitate its use."

From the Finland Open Source Solutions Center (COSS) they have expressed their satisfaction with this approach of the new Government. "This opening has been promoted within public services for years, but this is the first time that it is part of the government program," said Martin von Hillebrand, one of the members of the COSS board.

The intention of the new Government is clear, now we will have to wait to see the steps that are being taken so that the public administrations of this country and its citizens begin to enjoy the multiple advantages of using Open Source software and opening public data.

Source: Open Source Observatory



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