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The Russian and Chinese armies will replace Windows

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamThe Russian and Chinese armies will replace Windows 2019-06-05 UDS Enterprise TeamThe Russian and Chinese armies will replace Windows

The Huawei Case and Trump policies are having consequences that directly affect Microsoft. Distrust has been established in two of the largest governments in the world. China no longer trusts Windows. They said this operating system could have back doors that would allow espionage by the US. A few days ago they announced that the army will stop using this OS. As a replacement, they will develop their own from scratch, designed especially for military uses.


Russia has joined this movement and has just announced that they will also remove Windows from all their computers, starting with the ones of the army. They affirm that they have taken this decision for national security purposes, to avoid the possible espionage of the United States.

Until now they used a version of Windows authorized by the main Russian security agency, the FSB, but they no longer trust this OS, mainly because of its origin. Soon they will start installing Linux Astra on all their computers, a Debian based OS developed in Russia with the aim of satisfying the demands of the army, other armed forces and intelligence agencies. Many departments, government agencies and military are already using it, and now will be implemented in all devices.

The Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control has already approved the use of Astra Linux and has certified that it can be used with the highest level of security. Now they will update it to fully adapt it to their needs and, when it is ready, they will definitely abandon Windows.

Source: FayerWayer.



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