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On demand webinar: UDS Enterprise + XCP-ng + Xen Orchestra

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamOn demand webinar: UDS Enterprise + XCP-ng + Xen Orchestra 2019-03-26 UDS Enterprise TeamOn demand webinar: UDS Enterprise + XCP-ng + Xen Orchestra

Last week we held an interesting webinar in collaboration with our technology partner Vates to disclose all the advantages and technical possibilities of our 100% Open Source VDI solution.


This comprehensive offer includes the UDS Enterprise connection broker, the XCP-ng hypervisor and the Xen Orchestra management interface. Customers can acquire a turnkey solution with all the key elements for their server, application or desktop virtualization project.

One of the red points of this solution is that the three components are Open Source, guaranteeing unlimited flexibility for users, substantial cost saving and avoiding vendor lock-in.

The goal of the companies behind these products, Vates and VirtualCable, is to provide a solution that users can modify and customize to fully adapt it to their needs. The community can shape the roadmap and the future of these software, something unthinkable with those products developed by the big players.

If you’d like to learn all the details of this desktop virtualization solution and watch a comprehensive technical demo showcasing how its three components are integrated and configured to manage and deploy Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications, check the webinar recording:

Now you can enjoy significant discounts on the three components of the Full VDI stack. For further information on the promotion email us at



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