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US develops an Open Source voting system

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUS develops an Open Source voting system 2019-03-22 UDS Enterprise TeamUS develops an Open Source voting system

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of United States is committed to develop a 100% Open Source voting system to restore citizens' trust in the counting system. The objective of this project is to shield the system to prevent hacking and allow citizens to verify that their votes are recorded correctly.


The company Galois of Oregon will be responsible for designing and developing this system, which has been awarded for 10 million dollars. The software that will register the voting will be Open Source and the community will be able to examine it and perform tests to evaluate its efficiency, since the source code of the software will be published on the internet and will be accessible to any user.

The voting results will be visible to all citizens, who will be able to verify them first-hand, thus eliminating the distrust of machines and human error, which can modify the outcome of the elections.

As for hardware, it will be created specifically for this purpose and will also be Open Source. It will include designs and safety techniques developed during the last year in a special DARPA program.

There will be two types of devices. The first will be used to cast votes through a touch screen and print the ballot marked with the voter's choice. Thus, votes may be checked before depositing them in an optical scanning machine, which will be responsible for counting the votes. Each citizen will obtain a receipt with their vote in cryptographic value, and these values will be published on a website so they can be verified.

If this project works properly and goes ahead it could solve the problem of the integrity of the elections and ensure that the results are not modified at any time.

Source: Motherboard.



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