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Linux Foundation empowers Open Source developers

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamLinux Foundation empowers Open Source developers 2019-03-15 UDS Enterprise TeamLinux Foundation empowers Open Source developers

The Linux Foundation has launched a new platform to promote fundraising, security, mentoring and diversity among developers and Open Source communities.


CommunityBridge has been announced this week during the Open Source Leadership Summit event. Developers who join now this project will have early access to three useful tools:

CommunityBridge Funding: it will allow developers to collect and spend funds transparently.

CommunityBridge Security: it will provide transparency into potential vulnerabilities and bug fixes.

CommunityBridge People: connects mentors and prospective mentees to help the former getting involved in Open Source projects and thus promoting diversity.

The executive director of the Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin, explained during the presentation that "smaller projects require more funds, talent, security, diversity and resources to thrive" and this platform will try to support the developers of such projects to address those challenges.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, different tools will be launched to achieve the purpose of this initiative. Those interested in joining CommunityBridge can apply at

For further information about this project visit the official Linux Foundation website.



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