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1,500 companies worldwide deploy VDI with UDS Enterprise

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team1,500 companies worldwide deploy VDI with UDS Enterprise 2019-03-14 UDS Enterprise Team1,500 companies worldwide deploy VDI with UDS Enterprise

Nowadays, the UDS Enterprise connection broker manages and deploys millions of Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications worldwide. More than 1,500 companies from all 5 continents have requested any UDS Enterprise edition, enjoying from that moment the unique functionalities of this VDI and vApp software.


Specifically, 1,554 users have downloaded UDS Enterprise, of which 542 are IT wholesalers or distributors and 1,012 are end customers. Of the latter, 722 companies belong to the private sector, 191 are universities and educational centers, and 99 are public administrations.

The ten countries where more installations of UDS Enterprise have been carried out include, in order according to the number of downloads: Spain, United States, Russia, India, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium and Canada. It should be noted that in the list we find 95 different countries from the 5 continents. Although they are not in the list of those with the highest number of downloads, in African countries such as South Africa, Morocco or Algeria, and in Australia or New Zealand in Oceania there are also companies that are deploying virtual desktops and applications with UDS Enterprise.

According to surveys conducted throughout this community, the reasons that have led them to opt for UDS Enterprise include its ability to automatically manage the full life cycle of virtual desktops and applications safely, quickly and easily. Next, they highlight the possibility of enabling multiple hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols tu run simultaneously. In light of the data collected, it also plays an important role the fact that it is an Open Source solution, 100% customizable, which prevents the payment of licenses and whose support service is close, personalized and very efficient.

The multiple technology alliances with the main manufacturers of the sector, which endorse the compatibility and perfect integration of UDS Enterprise with its most cutting-edge technologies, are another important reason why users decide to trust UDS Enterprise. UDS Enterprise is present in the marketplace and websites of outstanding manufacturers, such as VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat, Nutanix, Citrix, NodeWeaver, OpenNebula, OpenStack, oVirt, Teradici, SharxDC, Walhalla DC, or XCP-ng.

Our customers are our best influencers. Our case studies prove their optimal experience with UDS Enterprise, which makes word of mouth one of our most effective channels to reach new customers.

Thanks to the scope of our software, more and more companies join every day our UDS Enterprise Certified and Authorized Partner programs. These companies are registering many opportunities with our software every day in countries all over the world.

To check first-hand the reasons why all these companies, agencies and public institutions have decided to trust our software, we invite you to download one of UDS Enterprise editions for free. Our team will be happy to guide you through the installation process and advise you on the best practices to get the most out of your application and desktop virtualization infrastructure.



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