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The Spanish Football Federation prevents resale with blockchain

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamThe Spanish Football Federation prevents resale with blockchain 2019-02-15 UDS Enterprise TeamThe Spanish Football Federation prevents resale with blockchain

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has developed together with the Nodalblock company a ticket tracking system based on blockchain. This technology will allow activating and monitoring the sold tickets, so that their distribution can be always controlled, preventing the massive resale of tickets and fraud.


This new system will be implemented in all official points of sale of the RFEF. When buying an ticket to see the Spanish team or attend any other event organized by the Federation, the user must provide their mobile number. He will receive a message with a PIN code and a link to download his ticket.

As explained by the EFE Agency, the tickest will be encoded, encrypted and each one will be linked to a specific and immutable code within a blockchain network, thus guaranteeing its authenticity and avoiding its falsification.

Tickets will be assigned to a single owner, but won’t be non-transferable. If the owner wishes to give it away, he will have to indicate the mobile of the person who will use the ticket and he will receive the pin and the download link. To access the match, the spectator must show the ticket on his smartphone, which will be certified with blockchain technology.

With the implementation of this process, it will be really difficult for companies or people who buy many tickets to resell them, since a valid and different phone number for each ticket must be provided.

The first experience with this technology will take place next March 23 in the match of the Spanish Team against Norway to be held at Mestalla stadium in Valencia.



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