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VDI in UPNA with UDS Enterprise + Nutanix at EventByte Meetup

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVDI in UPNA with UDS Enterprise + Nutanix at EventByte Meetup 2019-02-06 UDS Enterprise TeamVDI in UPNA with UDS Enterprise + Nutanix at EventByte Meetup

EventByte Meetup 2018, Navarra's largest professional technology event, gathered last November in Pamplona the professionals of the IT sector in this area. In this meeting, the latest trends in the world of Information Technology and New Technologies were analyzed, including VDI and hyperconvergence. As an example of this topic, the organization chose the UDS Enterprise + Nutanix hyperconverged VDI joint solution.


The advantages of the union of these technologies were explained through the experience of the Public University of Navarra, that relies on UDS Enterprise and Nutanix as cornerstones of its desktop virtualization project.

Joseba Monreal Goikoetxea, Classroom Coordinator of the UPNA Computer Service, pointed out how the implementation of the virtual desktop infrastructure was performed with the UDS Enterprise connection broker and the hyperconvergence platform Nutanix- Acropolis AHV.

In his lecture "Virtualization of computer classrooms in the UPNA", Monreal revealed how the connection broker UDS Enterprise helped them solve the problem of managing and performing the maintenance tasks of the software installed in the computer rooms . Thanks to this VDI solution, now it can be done in a fast, simple and centralized way. The IT Department has gone from having to manage each device separately to administer all of them from a single console. In addition, they enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to including new software or making updates.

Last year 2017-2018 the UPNA implemented its desktop virtualization pilot. The IT Department tested the solution with 850 concurrent users, including the teaching team. The teachers checked first-hand the interesting benefits of this technology, which allows them to have the necessary software to teach their clases immediately available and use VDI templates with all the applications and programs they need for their practices.

After the successful pilot, Monreal commented that the project entered production this academic year 2018-2019. Now, the 8,000 students at UPNA enjoy the full potential of desktop virtualization with UDS Enterprise. This technology allows them to access the software they use for their classes and their practices without downtime.

For more information about the experience of the Public University of Navarra with desktop virtualization, have a look at this Case Study.



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