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Companies will spend 47,500 million in technology in 2019

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamCompanies will spend 47,500 million in technology in 2019 2019-01-28 UDS Enterprise TeamCompanies will spend 47,500 million in technology in 2019

IDC Research Spain has announced the 10 technological predictions that will shape this year 2019. As a main data, according to the studies they have conducted, the technological cost for digital transformation will exceed 47,500 million euros.


Regarding the main technological trends that will focus the investment and resources of Spanish organizations in 2019, the Cloud Infrastructure clearly stands out with a growth of more than 22.5% compared to 2018. This is followed by Collaborative Software with a growth of 6%, the Intelligent Services with more than 3.2% and, finally, the Mobility devices that will increase by 0.2% as confirmed by José Antonio Cano, Director of Analysis of IDC Research Spain.

In addition, they have identified the four challenges that will define the success of companies in the technological and business field. According to their analysis, it will be key for companies to take into account the requirements of the workplace of the future, adopting a cybersecurity strategy centered on the data, an orchestrated multicloud scenario and bet on new interactive intelligent interfaces.

Regarding the degree of digital maturation of Spanish companies, in the last year the percentage of those developing or that have developed their digital strategy is at 60%, while in those that have not yet undergone the process of digitization has lowered, from 23% to 9%, which confirms the commitment to digitalisation of the Spanish market.

See here the 10 technology predictions that will mark 2019 according to IDC Research Spain.



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