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VApp in town halls, VDI + hyperconvergence & UDS in Education

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

The interesting Case Study of the Provincial Council of Jaén, which provides virtual applications in HA for 97 municipalities and 40 remote offices with UDS Enterprise has been the most read new in our blog during the month of October.

Next, our followers have been interested in the pairing of the NodeWeaver hyperconvergence solution and the UDS Enterprise VDI and vApp connection broker.


Third in the ranking of the most consulted articles over the past month we find the post that describes how a group of students from a school in New York are learning Robotics thanks to app virtualization with UDS Enterprise.

Find below the links to the posts on these topics so that you can have a look at them in case you have not yet had the opportunity to read them:

Jaén Provincial Council: Virtual applications for 97 municipalities

VDI and Hyperconvergence: a match made in heaven

UDS Enterprise helps New York students learning Robotics



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