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Open source improves Vilnius public services

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamOpen source improves Vilnius public services 2018-10-08 UDS Enterprise TeamOpen source improves Vilnius public services

The largest city and capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, is gradually extending the use of Open Source technologies in the public administration. This past July, this city presented its new web based on the Open Source content manager WordPress.


The new portal offers many advantages to the more than half a million inhabitants of Vilnius. The available services are easier to find and they can chat live with the city staff. "Open Source allows us to improve our public services and share our solutions and data," explains Dalius Kazlauskas, senior project manager in the E-City department of Vilnius.

For his part, the mayor of the city, Remigijus Šimašius, said that they are “especially happy to have renewed the portal by ourselves". Using WordPress, the city has managed to reduce costs and allows them to be less dependent on IT service providers.

Vilnius has an open IT strategy and whenever possible use Open Source software. Many of its computer servers run Linux, most databases are managed with MySQL and, for project management and issue tracking, the city uses Redmine In addition, around one third of the city's staff uses LibreOffice.

As part of their philosophy, they encourage the exchange of source code. On its GitHub page, the source code of 73 projects, solutions and services is shared. They also encourage citizens to collaborate in the improvement of city services using open data and technologies.

Source: OSOR.



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