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Solid returns control over data back to users

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamSolid returns control over data back to users 2018-10-04 UDS Enterprise TeamSolid returns control over data back to users

Tim Berners-Lee is developing a solution to help users recover their privacy and unlimited access to the web. It is called Solid and is an Open Source tool that allows users to decide how and when they wants to share their data.


The father of the Webs wants to recover the spirit with which he ventured into the creation of the Internet, which has been corrupted by the technological giants, who capture and sell user data or use sensitive data for their own benefit. Berners-Lee has always opposed these practices and has therefore sought a solution so that users can regain control of their privacy.

The platform that he is developing developed will allow to restrict the access of applications and services to the data that each user considers appropriate, which will be stored in what has been called a Solid POD. Here we can save photos, videos, calendars, contacts... any type of information that we’d like to secure. From the Solid network users can specify what data can be accessed by each web or application.

Berners-Lee describes these storage units as secure pendrives for the Web and can be created online or on a local server.

At the moment the project is in the development phase. All those interested in learning more about this tool or contributing to its improvement and development, can visit the official website.



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