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Optimized Ubuntu image for Microsoft Hyper-V

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamOptimized Ubuntu image for Microsoft Hyper-V 2018-09-19 UDS Enterprise TeamOptimized Ubuntu image for Microsoft Hyper-V

An optimized image of Ubuntu is now available for download from the Hyper-V Gallery. This image allows you to log into a full Ubuntu Desktop session in Windows 10 Pro.


This can be done accessing the Microsoft Hyper-V Gallery in Windows 10 Pro and choosing Ubuntu from the list of available operating systems. Once booted the Ubuntu Desktop 18.04.1 LTS Hyper-V image, just follow the steps of the Ubuntu setup wizard. The image incorporates XRDP pre-configured, which is executed by default as soon as the installation of the system is completed.

Microsoft has worked with XRDP to make sure this connection protocol supports the "Enhanced Session Mode", a feature that facilitates tight integration between a Windows host and the guest Ubuntu virtual machine running on Hyper- V.

The next step was to create a bootable image of Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS for Hyper-V, which includes pre-configured XRDP to take advantage of Enhanced Session Mode. Thanks to this feature, now there’s a better clipboard integration, dynamic desktop resizing, shared folders for easy host/guest file and improved mouse experience, seamlessly moving between the host and guest desktops.

For more information check out Canonical's official blog.



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