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UDS Enterprise adds new options for vCenter

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise adds new options for vCenter 2018-09-18 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise adds new options for vCenter

The UDS Enterprise team has incorporated interesting developments in the VMware vCenter Platform Provider. Three different types of Services can now be deployed from this Service Provider using UDS Enterprise 2.2 version: "Clone Based - Full", "Clone Based - Linked" and "Fixed Machines Pool".


A "Clone Based - Full" service creates virtual desktops with full and independent disks. In this way, if the machine experiences some type of incident we can export it to any other platform or perform the actions that we consider appropriate without affecting the rest of the elements of the system.

The "Fixed Machines Pool" is supported by an existing Service Pool on the VMware vCenter platform. By selecting this option, UDS Enterprise will connect users with virtual desktops that have been previously created on that platform. The administrator can select the specific machines that he’d like to use for that purpose. When creating a service of this type, the assignment of machines from the pool of resources to users is done randomly, therefore, it is important to make sure that all the machines belonging to the pool are equal.

The option "Clone Based - Linked" is the only one that was available so far in the previous versions of UDS Enterprise. In this case, each deployed virtual machine is a copy of another VM that shares virtual disks, which is based on a virtual machine template or Golden Image. This alternative allows you to save disk space and quickly create multiple virtual machines with the same features and installed software.

These new options incorporated into UDS Enterprise 2.2 give administrators a more flexible platform with UDS Enterprise, allowing them to choose the options that best suit the needs of each user or groups of users of virtual desktops and applications.



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