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KaOS 2018.08 adds new features for KDE

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamKaOS 2018.08 adds new features for KDE 2018-09-05 UDS Enterprise TeamKaOS 2018.08 adds new features for KDE

The development team of the Linux independent distro KaOS has announced the availability of a new ISO. KaOS 2018.08 includes new features for KDE applications: the Dolphin context menu has been updated and the Settings have been revamped. In addition, Gwenview has been redesigned and Spectacle now has new options that improve its usability.


Also as a novelty, it includes a new configuration manager called Croeso, which runs on newly installed systems and helps to configure the most used options. It incorporates, among other things, a custom wallpaper selector, information on the distribution and news.

This new version comes with the latest packages for the Plasma desktop, which include Frameworks 5.49.0, Plasma 5.13.4 and KDE Applications 18.08.0. All of them compiled with Qt 5.11.1.

KaOS is a rolling release based on Linux that uses KDE as a desktop environment, QT as a Toolkit and pacman / makepkg as a package manager. This distro has been developed from scratch for 64-bit computers, the packages of each repository have been compiled by and for KaOS.

More information and downloads here.



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