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UDS Enterprise supports oVirt 4.2

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise supports oVirt 4.2 2018-05-24 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise supports oVirt 4.2

The UDS Enterprise team continues faithfully to its purpose of offering its clients the possibility of building VDI & vApp platforms with the most recent versions of the most popular Open Source virtualization technologies of the market. Following this line, the latest release of the connection broker for virtual desktops and applications, UDS Enterprise 2.2, includes support for oVirt 4.2.


UDS Enterprise and oVirt form a completely open and flexible VDI & vApp solution, which allows IT departments to customize it to the highest level, obtaining great profitability. The platform can be configured with the wide range of Open Source authenticators and connection protocols compatible with UDS Enterprise. In this way you get a 100% Open Source infrastructure, you gain independence from manufacturers as well as significant cost savings thanks to the removal of licenses.

The optimal operation of the UDS Enterprise + oVirt joint solution has been certified by organizations such as the University of Seville, which has been trusting this VDI solution for years. oVirt, on its website, highlights the Case Study of this University. It also includes UDS Enterprise as an example of technologies compatible with the virtualization platform.

The support of oVirt 4.2 is one of the many new features added to this new version of the connection broker for desktop and application virtualization. UDS Enterprise 2.2 also supports the latest versions of most hypervisors and virtualization platforms of the market. In the same way as authenticators and connection protocols, all of them can be enabled at the same time and managed easily and conveniently from a single console.



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