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Install SSL certificates in UDS Enterprise

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamInstall SSL certificates in UDS Enterprise 2018-05-15 UDS Enterprise TeamInstall SSL certificates in UDS Enterprise

Making a secure connection to any web page or server is nowadays essential, since there are many illicit practices that pursue the objective of subtracting sensitive information from users. When it comes to corporate information, for any company it is crucial to keep data safe. Therefore, the VDI and vApp connection broker UDS Enterprise allows to install SSL certificates on the system, to guarantee that all connections made by users to their virtual desktops and applications are 100% safe and reliable.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that is responsible for making sure that all data that transferred through a web or between two systems are encrypted or encoded and, therefore, are impossible to read or modify.

The installation of SSL certificates in UDS Enterprise is done in a very simple way. In this document you can find the steps that must be carried out, the format that the certificates must have, the order in which they must be installed, the commands that must be executed and the files that are needed to be able to install said certificates.

For any questions or to request technical assistance when carrying out the tasks described in the document, you can contact the UDS Enterprise team through



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