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New Spectre variants affecting Intel chips

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamNew Spectre variants affecting Intel chips 2018-05-04 UDS Enterprise TeamNew Spectre variants affecting Intel chips

Eight new variants of Spectre affecting Intel chips have been found by a team of security researchers. These new vulnerabilities have been named Spectre Next Generation and make it possible to run an exploit on a virtual machine and attack the host system from there.


These security flaws leave an open door to data stored on shared hosting servers, so those websites that do not use dedicated servers could easily be compromised. Passwords and sensitive information could be exposed and fall into the hands of cybercriminals.

Intel has assured that they are already working to patch these vulnerabilities. During this month of May they will launch the first updates and in August they will release a second series of patches to try to solve all the problems. The company has rated four of the vulnerabilities as high risk and the other four are classified as medium risk.

It seems that these security flaws only affect Intel processors although it is still being investigated if they also affect ARM and AMD chips.

The UDS Enterprise team remembers that these vulnerabilities have no impact on the VDI & vApp connection broker. They could affect the virtualization platforms (oVirt / RHEV, VMware, Xen ...), so it is advised to follow at all times the options recommended by the manufacturers of said platforms.

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