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France will use an Open Source instant messenger app

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamFrance will use an Open Source instant messenger app 2018-05-02 UDS Enterprise TeamFrance will use an Open Source instant messenger app

The Government of France has announced that during this summer all the departments of this public administration will start using their own Open Source instant messenger service instead of the popular WhatsApp and Telegram. It is a measure to guarantee the sovereignty and security of their communications by themselves, which will be encrypted from end to end, without depending on private initiatives.


The platform they will use is based on the Open Source application Riot and has been developed by the French-British company New Vector. It is compatible with any device and operating system and incorporates chat, videoconference and file transmission.

The French Government has explained in a statement that "after 3 months of development, this tool is now being tested in the Secretariat of State for Digital Affairs and in the IT departments of different ministries. With this new French solution, the State is demonstrating its ability to work agilely to meet specific needs through the use of Open Source tools and very low development costs. Sharing information in a secure manner is essential not only for companies but also to allow a more fluid communication within administrations".

The public administrations of the Netherlands and Canada have already been interested in this new messaging service, which uses the Open Source Matrix protocol, used by companies such as Thales to promote the interoperability of their tools with Open Source ones.

Source: TICbeat



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