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Apple Open Sources FoundationDB

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamApple Open Sources FoundationDB 2018-04-26 UDS Enterprise TeamApple Open Sources FoundationDB

Apple has published the code of its distributed database FoundationDB in GitHub under free license Apache 2.0. The goal of the company is that the developer community can easily add new features, expanding the core functionality of the project through a layer system. For this purpose, they have also published compilation instructions for Linux and macOS systems.

They assure that the collaborative work will be transparent and that they will give voice and vote in the decision-making processes to the developers that most commit themselves to the project.

FoundationDB is a NoSQL database with ACID model (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) and manages multiple transactions in a reliable, distributed and predictable manner. Its users assure that it allows to store many types of data in a single base, that it has good capabilities of scaling and that it offers high performance in low cost hardware.

Those interested in contributing to the project can find specific packages type deb (Ubuntu), rpm (RHEL / CentOS) and extensions for programming languages such as Python, Ruby, C, Java, Go, as well as versions for Windows or macOS on the FoundationDB website.

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