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Linux 4.16 incorporates drivers for VirtualBox

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamLinux 4.16 incorporates drivers for VirtualBox 2018-04-03 UDS Enterprise TeamLinux 4.16 incorporates drivers for VirtualBox

A new version of the Linux kernel, 4.16, is now available. It incorporates important improvements and corrections for several architectures and controllers, as well as a better shielding against the vulnerabilities Meltdown and Spectre.


One of the most important new features of this release is the inclusion of drivers to improve the integration of Linux as a guest system in the Oracle virtualization solution: VirtualBox.

As for the ARM architecture, support is added for Orange Pi R1, Hummingboard2 and the NAS D-Link DNS 313. Regarding NVIDIA, the kernel has now a screen support for Jeston TX2 and improvements for Tegra X2.

In addition, the storage performance and XFS file system have been improved with updates for NMVe, inverse mapping and BTRFS corrections in RAID 5 and 6.

Nonetheless, AMD's Open Source graphics driver, AMDGPU DC, incorporates multimonitor synchronization, a feature that will surely be enabled by default for all GPUs supported in Linux 4.17.

The support for memory protection keys in PowerPC, the compatibility of KVM with the Secure Virtual Encryption (SEV) of AMD and the initial support of the hypervisor Jailhouse are other of the outstanding novelties introduced in Linux 4.16.

For more information, you can check the official announcement made by Linus Torvalds.



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