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Video: UDS Enterprise & NodeWeaver VDI advantages

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVideo: UDS Enterprise & NodeWeaver VDI advantages 2018-03-21 UDS Enterprise TeamVideo: UDS Enterprise & NodeWeaver VDI advantages

Following our policy of achieving the best agreements to obtain the best results, we continue working to expand our list of Technology Alliances. As we reported a few months ago, the most recent incorporation was NodeWeaver, a developer of hyper-convergence platform management software based on OpenNebula.

To present all the details about the integration of UDS Enterprise with NodeWeaver, we have published an interesting video explaining the key factors to the partnership between UDS Enterprise and NodeWeaver, and the advantages of the joint solution.

Actually, the NodeWeaver team provides a complete presentation on the general and technical features of its hyper-convergence solution and conducts a guided tour throughout the platform. Next, the UDS Enterprise team offers a technical demo of the joint VDI solution.

The video is available on our YouTube channel:



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