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Access virtual apps through any OS with UDS Enterprise

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

Among the many new features added to UDS Enterprise 2.2 is the ability to access Windows applications from any device with a web browser that supports HTML5.


Thanks to the added support to access virtual applications through HTML5 in this new version of our VDI connection broker, users will be able to use devices not only with a Windows or Linux operating system, but also with Android OS, macOS, iOS, Windows Phone... to use the virtual applications made available by the administrators of the platform.

With this new connection protocol (HTML5 RDS), the application will be presented embedded in a web browser and, like the rest of the virtual applications deployed through UDS Enterprise, it will be accessible quickly and easily, with one click.

The beta of this new version is already available for UDS Enterprise subscribers. The stable 2.2 version will be released during during the Q2 of 2018 and all those interested in downloading a trial version will be able to request it.



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