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Microsoft Quantum coming to Linux and Mac

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamMicrosoft Quantum coming to Linux and Mac 2018-03-02 UDS Enterprise TeamMicrosoft Quantum coming to Linux and Mac

Microsoft has added Linux and macOS support to its quantum development kit, which until now only supported its own operating system, Windows. In addition, the kit now includes new Open Source libraries and integration with Python.


With the incorporation of these novelties, Microsoft aims to attract the attention of a greater number of developers, so that they can build applications taking advantage of the peculiarities of quantum computing to solve current problems without solution.

Microsoft Quantum consists of two fundamental pillars: Q# programming language, which is already integrated in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, and a simulator that works as a quantum computer.

In addition, it includes other tools to develop quantum computing solutions. It was presented last December as the first step of an ambitious project: the construction of a quantum computer.

For more information, see the official project website and its repository on GitHub.

Source: TechRepublic.



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