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Traffic map of UDS Enterprise access from LAN

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamTraffic map of  UDS Enterprise access from LAN 2018-02-21 UDS Enterprise TeamTraffic map of  UDS Enterprise access from LAN

The UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker allows access to any remote desktop service, such as virtual desktops or applications, from either a corporate network, also called LAN (Local Area Network), or Internet or WAN (Wide Area Network).

The following diagram illustrates how traffic works to access UDS Enterprise from LAN and the relationship between the different components of the virtual infrastructure:


As shown in the image above, in the case of user access from the local network of the organization, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or LAN_extension, the configuration is quite simple. You only have to enable and properly configure the ports of the UDS components (Server, Data Base and Tunneler), of theUDS Actorand of the differenthypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols** that will be used in your virtualization platform.

If users are going to access UDS Enterprise services through the Internet or HTML5, in addition to the configurations mentioned above, incoming and outgoing flows for UDS Tunneler should be authorized to establish secure connections through SSL.

For more information on how to configure UDS Enterprise for WAN access, see this article.

To check the LAN traffic map in original format click here.



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