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Why use Root Cause Analysis for VDI

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamWhy use Root Cause Analysis for VDI 2018-02-16 UDS Enterprise TeamWhy use Root Cause Analysis for VDI

In some circumstances, desktop virtualization deployments can be affected by issues such as service interruptions, poor performance or a bad user experience. To solve these incidents and prevent them from happening again, it is convenient to deepen and detect the origin of the problem.


The Root Cause Analysis (RCA) becomes a great ally in these cases since, in addition to solving the problem, it helps maximize performance and reliability and prevents the same thing from happening again, and therefore, save time and money in the long term.

One of the key advantages of the RCA is that it provides a tool to identify the real cause of the problem, so it helps you to deal with the underlying causes, which is essential for the failure to not happen again. In addition, it identifies other problems that indirectly affect, or even have nothing to do with the current problem, but that implies inconveniences for the optimal functioning of the VDI platform.

In cases of truly critical problems, Root Cause Analysis helps limit downtime and minimize the effect on work processes and productivity. Minor problems, such as bottlenecks in the network, can also be quickly controlled with RCA.

Another benefit is that RCA helps IT managers to focus on the correct problem, to prioritizes the most important problems and solve them in the best possible way, while offering information about overprovisioned resources or unnecessary components. All this helps improve the quality of service, maximize performance, reliability and obtain a better user experience.

This type of analysis explores historical data and processes in real time, which helps to accurately predict fluctuating data loads, so that IT can allocate resources more accurately or adopt strategies to balance the data load.

All these advantages help optimize the work of IT professionals and minimize the effect of issues of any kind, increasing productivity and, ultimately, saving time and money to organizations.

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