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UDS Enterprise, safe from Meltdown & Spectre

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise, safe from Meltdown & Spectre 2018-01-15 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise, safe from Meltdown & Spectre

Since the beginning of the year, the alarms about the existence and effects of Meltdown and Spectre have been raised, news related to these attacks do not stop popping out. The latest information suggests that the patches for the fourth and fifth generation Intel Haswell and Broadwell processors may cause unexpected reboots in their system. Amazon Web Services (AWS) neither has had much luck with its patches against these security flaws since they are affecting the performance of their cloud servers.


Due to the nature of UDS Enterprise, these vulnerabilities have no impact internally on its appliances, so none of the versions of our VDI connection broker has experienced any type of issue related to these vulnerabilities.

However, it is strongly recommended to have the virtualization platforms (oVirt/RHEV, VMware, Xen...) patched against these vulnerabilities to prevent third parties from accessing sensitive information from virtual environments, be it desktops, servers or any other virtual machine.

The UDS Enterprise team has incorporated the existing patches for these vulnerabilities into the appliances of the new version of the software. UDS Enterprise 2.2 will be released during this first quarter of 2018 and will include interesting news such as the virtualization of Linux applications and the possibility of accessing MS Windows virtual applications via HTML5.



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