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OVirt 4.2.0 released

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamOVirt 4.2.0 released 2017-12-21 UDS Enterprise TeamOVirt 4.2.0 released

The developers of the oVirt project have released a new version of this Open Source virtualization solution, which they claim is more powerful and flexible thanks to the more than 1,000 individual contributions that have helped to improve the engine, storage system, networks, user interface and analytics.


oVirt 4.2.0 incorporates a new type of high performance virtual machine that facilitates the optimization of workloads and a new monitoring solution, oVirt metric store, which provides a complete visualization of the infrastructure.

In addition, it supports virtual machine connectivity through software-defined networks, it is compatible with Nvidia vGPU and Virt-v2v now supports Debian / Ubuntu, EL and virtual machines based on Windows.

Finally, a set of ovirt-ansible-roles packages that help users with administration tasks have been added, the administration portal has been redesigned to improve the interface and a new VM portal has been added for non-administrators that optimizes the user experience.

For more information and downloads, see oVirt release notes.



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