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AMD Open Sources Vulkan

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamAMD Open Sources Vulkan 2017-12-14 UDS Enterprise TeamAMD Open Sources Vulkan

Before AMD launched Vulkan 1.0, the company already claimed that sooner or later it would release the code of this Linux driver. After almost two years, they have finally announced that the code will be published in GitHub under the umbrella of the "GPU Open" initiative in the coming days.

The release of the code will speed up the development of Vulkan in Linux, help the new AMD hardware to be supported as it is released, it will provide Linux developers access to Radeon GPU Profiler set of tools and will easily integrate AMD's Vulkan extensions.

It is not clear if this driver is going to be as successful as initially expected, since as AMD has taken so long to release its code that the developers created RADV, based on Mesa and now the project is advanced enough to continue using it instead of changing it per Vulkan when it is Open Source.

We will have to wait for the release of the code to compare it with RADV, which has already become a basic package in many Linux distributions.

Source: Hexus



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