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Linux 4.14 with 6 years extended support

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamLinux 4.14 with 6 years extended support 2017-11-13 UDS Enterprise TeamLinux 4.14 with 6 years extended support

The latest version of Linux that will be released this year 2017 is now available for download. It is Linux 4.14 LTS, the first release that has extended support for 6 years.

The most outstanding new features of this new edition of the software include:


-5-Level Paging for Intel x86. Expansion of 256 and 64 TiB (tebibytes) to 128 and 4 PiB (pebibytes) in the limit of virtual and physical memory.

-Secure Memory Encryption for AMD EPYC. It offers DRAM encryption and decryption, which provides additional protection for virtualized environments and physical attacks.

-Heterogeneous Memory Management. It incorporates improvements in the address space shared between GPU and CPU and in the memory management of the device.

-Zstandard (zstd) for Btrfs and SquashFS. Zstd provides lossless compression in real time, plus great flexibility and performance.

-Improved graphics drivers support for Intel, AMD (Vega) and Nouveau (mention for NVIDIA GP108 and GT 1030).

The source code of this new version of Linux is now available, you can download it here.

Source: MuyLinux



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