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Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 released

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamRed Hat OpenStack Platform 12 released 2017-11-07 UDS Enterprise TeamRed Hat OpenStack Platform 12 released

Red Hat announced yesterday at OpenStack Summit Sydney 2017 Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12, the latest version of Red Hat’s cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Based on the OpenStack Pike release, this new version introduces containerized services, improving flexibility for faster application development.


Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 delivers many new enhancements, including upgraded DCI (distributed continuous integration) and improved security to help maintain data compliance and manage risk. This new solution is designed for private or public cloud infrastructure, built on the enterprise-grade backbone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

It includes Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat's multi-cloud management platform, to provide operational visibility and policy-based management across the Red Hat OpenStack Platform infrastructure and workloads. Additionally, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 maintains tight integration with Red Hat Ceph Storage, a highly-scalable block, object, and file storage solution, designed for scale-out clouds.

For further information, have a look at the full press release



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