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City Hall saves € 25,000 with free software

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamCity Hall saves € 25,000 with free software 2017-10-02 UDS Enterprise TeamCity Hall saves € 25,000 with free software

The use of free software is increasingly being spread among public institutions due to the significant savings it entails. A recent example is the Puçol town hall in Valencia, which has just established the GNU / Linux operating system LliureX. The first pilot experience with this software has meant a saving of 25,000 euros in licenses.


The distribution LliureX has been developed by the Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport of the Valencian Generalitat, and has as main objective the saving thanks to the elimination of computer licenses.

But it is not the only benefit derived from the use of this software. As explained in the project´s website, another advantage is that this OS works "in legacy hardware, allowing to extend the useful life of it." In addition, the use of this software allows them to have "independence from the supplier, which eliminates ties and abuses that could occur from a dominant party in the market."

The municipality of Puçol has been using LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office and its positive experience with Open Source office software has favored its decision to bet on a free operating system.

Source: Ubuntizando



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