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New UDS Enterprise Certified Partners 

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamNew UDS Enterprise Certified Partners  2017-09-21 UDS Enterprise TeamNew UDS Enterprise Certified Partners 

The list of UDS Enterprise Certified Partners continues to grow and take on an international dimension. Actually, new incorporations in Mexico and Chile: New People Group and GTA Telecom have joined the list of Spanish Certified Partners.


New People Group detected from the outset the great opportunity of the technical and commercial training on UDS Enterprise. These actually allow them to have a broad knowledge of the software and technical independence to be able to position it better and offer a much more complete service to its customers.

GTA Telecom México has gone from being Authorized Partner to Certified Partner, since they considered it indispensable to access the multiple advantages they have obtained with certification, such as a greater discount on the subscriptions PVP, a NFR subscription, support in case of incidents, protection of opportunities and participation in press releases and success stories.



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