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5 Open Source products released in 2017

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team5 Open Source products released in 2017 2017-09-11 UDS Enterprise Team5 Open Source products released in 2017

Open Source technology is booming, as more and more public and private companies and organizations rely on this type of software for their applications, automation infrastructures and other critical business functions. During the first half of 2017, manufacturers such as Red Hat, Puppet, Kubernetes or VirtualCable have released new products or interesting updates of the existing ones:


Chef Automate. The latest updates to this platform include the automation of regulatory and security requirements and improvements in application automation through integration with Habitat.

Kubernetes. The latest version of this software improves scalability and automation, supports 5,000 cluster nodes, and has up-to-date dynamic storage provisioning capabilities.

Puppet. The downloads and implementations of the Puppet deployments are now simpler thanks to the new release. In addition, it incorporates Lumogon, an open solution that allows better visibility of container deployments.

Red Hat Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. It combines Red Hat Virtualization, Gluster storage, the Red Hat scalable file system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ansible and the company's IT automation platform. Its aim is to simplify the infrastructures of data centers.

UDS Enterprise 2.1. The new release of this VDI connection broker incorporates, among other things, a support for the connection protocols Teradici PCoIP and X2Go, new features for session virtualization for applications with RDS, and Citrix XenServer 7, Nutanix Acropolis 5.1, OpenNebula 5, OpenStack Ocata; OVirt 4.1 and VMware vSphere 6.5.

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