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UDS has a partner in Belgium and Luxembourg

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS has a partner in Belgium and Luxembourg 2017-05-09 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS has a partner in Belgium and Luxembourg

UDS Enterprise is expanding it´s canal partner by adding Belgium and Luxembourg to it's partner´s list. A few weeks ago, UDS Enterprise Team received a satisfying feedback from C2D System House, one of the leading virtualization companies in Belguim and Luxembourg.


Therefore, C2D System House decided to become one of our partners and start to market and advertise our product and solution in the area of Belgium and Luxembourg.

C2D System House has a considerable expertise in virtualization accross the infrastructure, which mixes high benefits of range and best open source and commercial products. C2D cares everyday about Availability, Accessibility and Security, thing that makes customers find that its promises of a functional and powerful but affordable infrastructure are not fantasy.

The impression of C2D towards UDS Enterprise was satisfying especially when they stated: Regarding UDS, everything we tried was working fine : installation (Xenserver), authentication (eDirectory), deployment (Windows 7), user portal, RDP client, HTML5 access, ...

We think you have built one of the best VDI infrastructrure product with open source components.



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