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Share a Ubuntu 16.04 folder via Samba

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamShare a Ubuntu 16.04 folder via Samba 2017-03-24 UDS Enterprise TeamShare a Ubuntu 16.04 folder via Samba

Today, the only graphical tool that is reliable for configuring Samba is Yast, but this is exclusive to openSUSE and SUSE, so in other distributions one is forced to configure the server working directly with the configuration file, Which is much less friendly.


Ubuntu, for its part, offers a good out of the box configuration to share any folder with guest access in a simple and graphical way, although when you want to share through a user or change the workgroup, there is nothing left to do the console.

The following four points summarize the steps to share resources from Ubuntu 16.04 through Samba, as explained by Muy Linux for a guest to access these resources, as well as how to change the workgroup in case of using WORKGROUP, which is configured by default in both Samba and Windows.

1- Installing Samba on Ubuntu

2- Sharing a folder for guest access

3- What happens when the guest writes over the shared folder

4- How to change the workgroup

Detailed settings with screenshots can be viewed in this article from the blog Muy Linux.



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