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UDS Enterprise supports PCoIP and X2GO

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise supports PCoIP and X2GO 2017-03-14 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise supports PCoIP and X2GO

The latest version, UDS Enterprise 2.1, incorporates two very powerful and interesting remote connection protocols to provide you with more flexibility.


One of the recently incorporated protocols in UDS Enterprise 2.1 is PCoIP, adopted and developed by Teradici. The power and strength of this protocol reside in its ability to transmit content with a high graphic demand to the end user. Hence, this protocol is indispensable when desktops or services run software or design tools with high GPU demand and will let you use the maximum performance of your hardware without distortion or loss of display quality.

X2GO is also incorporated into this new version, UDS Enterprise 2.1. This protocol is the fruit of an open source project and provides many utilities that are hard to find in other protocols. For example, X2GO gives you a remote, stable and fast connection to your virtual desktops with audio enabled and much more.



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