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Webinars: Nutanix, UDS and OpenStack

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamWebinars: Nutanix, UDS and OpenStack 2017-02-21 UDS Enterprise TeamWebinars: Nutanix, UDS and OpenStack

JMG Virtual Consulting prepares a new season of its webinars, which will begin with two events dedicated to the hyperconvergent solutions of Nutanix and OpenStack, respectively the next 21 and 23 March.


In the first of the webinars, Miguel Angel Alonso, Nutanix Technical Expert Manager, will talk about how to ensure that the company has an effective strategy on the technologies that will allow to face the construction of private and public clouds without losing security, performance and scalability.

The second online event will focus on "How to Virtualize Jobs with OpenStack for Half the Traditional Cost".

In this webinar, José María González, OpenStack Official Instructor & OpenStack Expert Manager, will discuss how to mount a VDI solution with OpenStack, Nutanix and UDS to regain control of the cost of traditional VDI solutions.

This session will be given special relevance, especially by the innovative solution provided by JMG Virtual Consulting, to take desktop virtualization at a more reasonable cost, attractive to any type of client.

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