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UDS Enterprie supports AWS and Azure

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprie supports AWS and Azure 2017-01-24 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprie supports AWS and Azure

The VDI UDS Enterprise 2.0 broker supports OpenNebula and OpenStack as hypervisors for accessing and managing Windows and Linux virtual desktops.


By integrating UDS Enterprise with the OpenStack & OpenNebula open source Cloud platforms, other cloud vendor technologies such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure can be used (In future versions of UDS the integration with these Cloud providers can be done directly without the need of using other intermediate platforms).

OpenStack, like OpenNebula, can be used to deploy desktop services and virtual applications hosted on Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure platforms.

Ease of use and access to virtual desktops are some of the benefits that OpenNebula and OpenStack incorporate thanks to their integration with UDS Enterprise. In fact, administering Amazon AWS Cloud Services or Microsoft Azure using UDS Enterprise platform through the cloud platforms, OpenStack or OpenNebula, could be made much more easier.



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