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Top 10 open source projects of 2016

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

In the anual list of the year's top open source projects, looked back at the most popular projects of 2016. These 10 open source projects are picked to be top ten open source projects of 2016.


Atom: Atom is a hackable text editor from GitHub. Atom is MIT licensed and the source code is hosted on GitHub.

Eclipse Che: Eclipse Che is a next-generation online integrated development environment (IDE). The source code can be found on GitHub under an Eclipse Public License.

FreeCAD: FreeCAD is written in Python and is a computer-aided drafting—tools. FreeCAD is LGPL licensed and the source code is hosted on GitHub.

GnuCash: GnuCash is a cross-platform open source desktop solution for managing personal and small business accounts. You can find GnuCash's source code on GitHub under a GPL version 2 or 3 license.

Kodi: Kodi is an open source media center solution (formerly XBMC). The source code to Kodi can be found on GitHub under a GPLv2 license.

MyCollab: MyCollab is a suite of tools for customer relationship management, document management, and project management. MyCollab is AGPLv3 licensed and the source code is hosted on GitHub.

OpenAPS: OpenAPS, the Open Artificial Pancreas System project, is an open source project devoted to improving the lives of people with Type 1 diabetes. * OpenHAB: OpenHAB is a home automation platform with a pluggable architecture. OpenHAB is EPL licensed and the source code is hosted on GitHub.

OpenToonz: OpenToonz is production software for 2D animation. OpenToonz source code is hosted on GitHub and the project is licensed under a modified BSD license.

Roundcube: Roundcube is a modern, browser-based email client.




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