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Prepare your IT for ten trends of 2017

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

People on the business side expect the company's internal data center infrastructure to have the same scalability and cost of Amazon Web Services' cloud. Leading-edge IT and enterprise expectations underscore these 10 trends expected to hit data centers in 2017, as curated by Milind Govekar, managing VP at Gartner:

1. Open philosophies: Open development breaks the data center down into its lowest-level components.

2. Automation: The next five years will be transformative for IT automation, from opportunistic to systemic implementation.

3. Software-defined everything: Software-defined means the control plane is abstracted from the hardware.

4. Big data: Use Big data analysis in almost everything to solve current problems.

5. Internet of Everything: In other words, internet of things. It should have an IP address and connect to the network.

6. Webscale IT: Business leaders want to know why you can't do what Google, Facebook and Amazon do.

7. Mobility: Your workforce is mobile. Your company's customers are mobile.

8. Bimodal IT: No one's congratulating IT for performed tasks, no matter how difficult it can be.

9. Business value dashboards: By 2017, most of infrastructure and operations teams will use dashboards to communicate with the outside world.

10. Organizational disruption: All the trends above feed shadow IT, where the business units steer around IT to gain agility.

Source: TechTarget



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