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4 EU countries moved to Free Software in 2016

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team4 EU countries moved to Free Software in 2016 2016-12-19 UDS Enterprise Team4 EU countries moved to Free Software in 2016

In the public sector tends to take longer to adopt the new technological trends and the same happens when it comes to Free Software. Many government organizations are aware of the benefits of using Open Source but find it hard to change the way they work. However, during this year 2016 some countries have dared to make the leap:


-Russia: The government approved in October a draft of a bill for the public sector to prioritize Free Software on proprietary alternatives. In addition, it gives preference to local IT companies that develop free software for public tenders and recognizes the need to foster collaboration with the global network of free software organizations and communities.

  • Bulgaria: The administration changed its Electronic Governance Law to require that all software developed for the government is Open Source and is located in a public repository.

-Netherlands: In 2017 a law will be in place to make the use of open standards mandatory for public administrations.

-Germany: Until recently, Internet service providers (ISPs) in Germany decided which router users should use to connect to the Internet. As of August 1, a new law allows users to choose the device that is installed in their homes.

It is expected that the adoption of Free Software in European administrations will accelerate during the next year 2017. At the moment, in some countries the data generated by public organizations is opening up, open standards are being adopted, and free software is opening its way on public servers and workstations.




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