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UDS Enterprise 2.0 supports oVirt 4.0

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise 2.0 supports oVirt 4.0 2016-12-16 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise 2.0 supports oVirt 4.0

Among the new features included in UDS Enterprise 2.0, he new version of our software that we released in late September, we highlight connectors for new service providers. In addition to the OpenStack and OpenNebula cloud architectures, this new release has a built-in support for oVirt 4.0.


The UDS Enterprise team has made the necessary developments and tests to ensure the compatibility of our connection broker with the most current versions of oVirt, so that UDS Enterprise 2.0 supports both oVirt 3.x and oVirt 4.x

Administrators can use the version that best suits their needs by just selecting "oVirt version 3.x or 4.x" in the "New Provider of oVirt / RHEV Platform Provider Service" section of the UDS Enterprise administration.

If you have any question about UDS Enterprise 2.0 new features and its configuration, you can get in touch with the UDS Enterprise team at



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