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Best Linux apps & distros in 2016

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamBest Linux apps & distros in 2016 2016-12-15 UDS Enterprise TeamBest Linux apps & distros in 2016

This last month of the year is the perfect moment to look back and collect the best Linux apps and distros updates, upgrades and releases of 2016:


-Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: This new version brought interface improvements, including the ability to move the Unity launcher to the bottom of the screen, a setting to make app menus always on show, introduced support for Snap applications and, among other things, a new Linux kernel.

-Kdenlive 16.08: This video editor for Linux received two important updates during this year, which introduced refreshed user-interface, a new logo and support for 3-point editing, transition and video effect pre-rendering.

-Corebird 1.3: Considered one of the best Twitter apps for Linux. This year its developers have redesigned its interface, added the ability to mute Twitter profiles, retweet your own tweets, send unlimited direct messages and "automatic save" option in the tweet compose box.

-GNOME Desktop: The latest version of the GNOME desktop environment includes an improved Nautilus file manager with built-in archive extraction and compression, bulk renaming and new sorting options.

See more improvements introduced in applications and Linux distros during this year at OMG! Ubuntu



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