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Main improvements in UDS Actor

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamMain improvements in UDS Actor 2016-12-14 UDS Enterprise TeamMain improvements in UDS Actor

UDS Enterprise 2.0 incorporates a new version of the UDS Actor for all supported Windows and Linux platforms and for application virtualization.


Among the new features introduced with the new UDS Actor, has been added a new checking system which is responsible for updating IP addresses of virtual desktops that are suspended at cache level 2. This ensures the perfect and uninterrupted connection to the virtual desktop even if there is a change of IP address after a machine is suspended.

Another improvement included in the new version of UDS Actor affects persistent machines. In fact, session time-out time was only applicable on non-persistent machines, and this feature now extends to persistent machines.

The UDS Enterprise team recommends upgrading to UDS Enterprise 2.0 as soon as possible so that you can enjoy all the enhancements built into the connection broker and its components.



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