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UDS Enteprise helps to overcome 5 VDI challenges

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enteprise helps to overcome 5 VDI challenges 2016-11-24 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enteprise helps to overcome 5 VDI challenges

In previous posts published in our blog we talked about the benefits of desktop virtualization included in the last report launched by IDC on Automation and flexible management of the workplace with VDI

In addition to the advantages of VDI, in this document the consulting firm also details the five main challenges most companies face when they are planning to adopt this technology:

-High initial investment in hardware and licenses: Many corporations require a fast return on investment. However, this does not always occur, due to the initial investment needed. Another factor is that the cost per user makes VDI virtually unfeasible for those companies with a large amount of users.


-User experience: The remote execution and visualization of applications might not be exactly the same as at a local workplace.

-Complexity of the implementation process: In some cases, the deployment process and the management of a VDI environment can be complex and involve additional or unplanned costs, such as shortcomings in the network bandwidth that interconnects the station and the increase of the computation capacity in the virtual infrastructure.

-Security, new vulnerabilities: The data management policies should be redefined according to the new virtual infrastructure in order to prevent new vulnerabilities.

-Closed solutions which depend on the manufacturer: Choosing a closed product involves only using the capacities and features of that product. The incorporation of new characteristics, or even the discontinuity of the product, is subject to the product evolution and the client cannot rest assured that all his particular needs are covered.

The IDC analysts highlight in their report that using our VDI connection broker UDS Enterprise all these challenges are easily overcome, which are an obstacle with other desktop virtualization solutions.



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