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VDI with UDS Enterprise & OpenStack: Advantages

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVDI with UDS Enterprise & OpenStack: Advantages 2016-10-31 UDS Enterprise TeamVDI with UDS Enterprise & OpenStack: Advantages

UDS Enterprise 2.0 supports OpenStack as a hypervisor to access and manage virtual desktops, adding a set of advantages and flexibility in terms of transport protocols, authenticators, ease of use... Our software has been certified as *OpenStack Compatible, ensuring seamless integration and the proper operation of a joint solution.

The UDS Enterprise connection broker unifies and centralizes virtualization platforms. Thanks to its integration with OpenStack, UDS Enterprise can manage the OpenStack VDI platforms through UDS Enterprise web interface, which provides simplicity and ease of use.


UDS Enterprise practically supports all hypervisors, authentication systems and connection protocols, and allows multiple hypervisors/connection protocols/authenticators at the same time depending on the needs of each project. By integrating OpenStack with UDS Enterprise, administrators of OpenStack can use all supported hypervisors, protocols and authenticators compatible with UDS Enterprise.

Moreover, as UDS Enterprise allows access from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, via HTML5, OpenStack users can access their desktop virtualization platform from any location and using any device.

OpenStack is known as the largest Open Source cloud project so far. As UDS Enterprise is also based on Open Source, the integration of future modules or making modifications to a platform with UDS Enterprise and OpenStack is a very simple task that can be realized by any developer or requested to UDS Enterprise team.

A community of more than 200 active participants in OpenStack and versatile UDS Enterprise technical team ensure rapid resolution of any related issue with a joint platform. UDS Enterprise team always provides a quick and effective support to any problems or questions that may arise with any element integrated with UDS Enterprise.

OpenStack aims to create abstract pools of computing resources, storage and networks that can be used to create virtual machines on top of standard server hardware. Since its inception, a large number of key industry players have lent their support, including IBM, Intel, Red-Hat, AMD, HP, Canonical and VirtualCable. Because of this high level of investment, development moves very quickly and OpenStack has as contributors some of the most innovative companies in the world.



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