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The next generation VDI solution

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamThe next generation VDI solution 2016-09-22 UDS Enterprise TeamThe next generation VDI solution

VirtualCable and OpenNebula Systems have signed a Technology Partnership agreement to join the power of their software and offer their customers a next generation VDI solution. OpenNebula Systems has granted OpenNebula Ready certification to UDS Enterprise, which ensures compatibility and seamless integration of both solutions.


With OpenNebula as cloud manager and UDS Enterprise as VDI connection broker, any company deploying desktop virtualization can build a strong, secure, efficient and high-performance VDI infrastructure.

UDS Enterprise and OpenNebula are Open Source solutions, minimizing initial investment and enabling customization and the integration of new functionalities in the virtual desktops infrastructure. In addition, UDS Enterprise team offers personalized support through a subscription system based on user segments featuring product updates.

“UDS Enterprise and OpenNebula integration allows to automatically deploy and manage virtual desktops’ full lifecycle, ensuring an efficient use of resources, providing extra security and enabling access from any device and any operating system”, said Félix Casado, CEO of VirtualCable.

“OpenNebula and UDS Enterprise integration brings a fully managed, secure computing service for virtual desktops delivery that enables users to stay connected and productive anywhere", commented Ignacio M. Llorente, CEO of OpenNebula Systems.

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